Samsung Galaxy S9 in Nigeria

You can purchase the Samsung galaxy s9 on Jiji for cheap rates, be it used or brand new. Just search for the specifications you need, and by using the filter tool, adjust your price range to how much falls within your budget and then proceed to browse through. Over the past years, some buyers and sellers on Jiji have found themselves in uncomfortable positions when finalizing a deal. Here a few steps that both buyers and sellers can follow when going to close a deal:

Go With Backup

Backup may seem like a serious word, but it merely means you should not go alone. Go with a friend or two if possible, as you do not know who you are going to encounter. This lessens the possibility of finding yourself in an uncomfortable position at the end of the day.

Bring Exact Money and Item

When it comes to payments, you should never initiate it without inspecting the galaxy s9 and being fully satisfied. Before meeting with the vendor, the exact price of how much the phone costs, so you know how much to carry to the meeting point. Do not move around with large sums of money. As the vendor, it is advisable to bring only the device you wish to trade to the meeting point and never move around with large sums of cash on you.

Trust Your Gut

It may not seem like a big deal but then always trust your gut. If you feel any shady vibe from the vendor or the seller, then you should trust your gut feeling. You will find other sellers or buyers on Jiji, so do not be in a rush to finalize any deal.

Get a Detailed Receipt

Try your possible best to get a very detailed receipt from the seller when you have made payments. This can help with the warranty of the phone in case you need to have it fixed or repaired within that period

The steps above apply to both the buyer and seller on Jiji. Enjoy buying and selling on Jiji and get that Samsung galaxy s9 today at affordable rates and stay safe.

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