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  • HTC Desire 626 review in Nigeria

Even though HTC does no longer manufacture its Desire 626 model, you can still find this budget-friendly device in stocks all around the world. In the comparison with its predecessor Desire 620 model, this one comes with even a more advanced camera, as well as more capacious internal storage. What also attracts in this gadget is the customizable interface. However, let us go over a few details specifying the 626 device as a mid-range inexpensive smartphone.

HTC loves using two-color schemes for its productions and the Desire 626 is not an exception. It can be found either in dark blue front and rear with light blue edges or glossy white case with light brown edges. Both models look lovely yet not expensive. Its surfaces lack gripping and are somewhat slippery. For owning and enjoying this phone, you need to take constant care of it as your fingerprints and other smudges are easily seen on the glossy finish.

  • HTC Desire 626 features

Though the Desire 626 is not a compact little phone, it is quite convenient to hold . It features a five-inch screen with 720 by 1280 res.

This gadget does not need any microSD card for having a large storage space as it features 16GB internal storage is more than enough for storing numerous audio, video, and other files.

Among the highlights of the phone, the advanced cameras have a special place. The main camera is 13MP while the front one intended for selfies is 5MP.

A 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor powers the model making it quite a premium phone on a small budget. We can't deny the fact the phone is quite speedy. It operates on Android 5.1 system.

So, for one who has a limited small budget and not strict requirements, the HTC Desire 626 appears to be quite a worthy option.

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