Gionee A1 in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, to say the price for cell phones vary and it all depends on if you want to buy a new phone or a used one. Used may sound like a low ord, but it merely just implies that the phone is second hand but still good enough to be resold. Jiji provides an online platform where buyers and sellers can interact without hassle. Go on the Jiji Website and just input your specifications, and you are provided with options and different prices from various vendors.

The tips below should help you through the process of getting a reliable smartphone.

1. Know What You are Looking For

You need to understand what you would like to purchase before you begin shopping. The Gionee a1 phone is an excellent option if you are in the market for that brand of phones. Start by deciding the minimum specs you are looking for. Also, think about how much you can afford to spend.

2. Know Where to Buy From

Jiji is an excellent platform where you can buy smartphones from as you are presented with multiple vendors selling either new or second-hand phones. With raving customer reviews of customers that have purchased items from Jiji, you are in the right hands.

3. Meeting With The Seller

Setting an appointment with the seller in person is a great option that gives you the chance to look at the phone before you buy it, instead of relying on just pictures. Before you set the meet-up, here are some things always to keep in mind:

Before the set appointment, let the seller know you’ll want to test out the device by inserting your own SIM, checking if it can charge and power up, and so forth. If the vendor doesn’t consent to your request, you ought to probably find a new deal to pursue.

4. Inspecting the phone

You have to inspect the phone before finalizing payment, whether it is new or used if you are getting a new phone check that the pack is sealed and when you open it, it contains all its original accessories. Suppose you are getting a used phone here are some things to bring along with you to test out the phone:

Before you even boot the phone up, visibly check it. Start with the screen by checking if it’s scratched. Also, inspect the front camera if it is cracked or damaged in any way. Next, move to the edges and check for scratches and dents; test the buttons to discern how well they click and press. Finally, move to the rear to ascertain if there's any visible damage.

If you’re extra careful, be on the lookout for shady characters, inspect the device, and are firm on what you're trying to find, you'll minimize the likelihood of getting burned.

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