Blackberry Priv in Nigeria

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Blackberry Priv Specs and Facts

BlackBerry Priv was a gift for the brand’s fanbase. This model deserves attention at least because of the developers’ experimental decision: it is the first BlackBerry with Android iOS. Well, it is an important step for Android as well: models with QWERTY keyboard are a rare thing. Besides, “Priv” is short from “Privilege Privacy”. BlackBerry Priv is equipped with all features and elements of a flagman Smartphone. 5,4’’ AMOLED display curved on the sides has Quad HD resolution. This is the first BlackBerry’s device with such high screen size.

The resolution of 2560x1440 dpi makes it easy to read documents, regardless of font size and type. No visible pixels is a guarantee that photo viewing time is equally pleasant. The device functions on the 6-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 platform. With 18 MP resolution camera, users who make a lot of photos, get an opportunity to make even more impressive shots. There is also an opportunity to film 4K video. 3 GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of flash memory are the features, not every average Smartphone can boast of.

The battery is built-in. BlackBerry Priv weighs 192g and is 9,4 mm wide. The device may seem quite massive, but it is important to note that BlackBerry Priv is a slider, so it is quite neat-looking for its type. The display occupies almost the entire front panel. There are no any navigation keys on the panel: they are virtual. BlackBerry Priv’s keyboard is a real finding for users, who like messengers. Ultimate responsiveness and quicker text typing put it on the next level compared even with the best sensory keyboard. The sensory display is quite responsive - it reacts fast and precisely and supports up to 10 simultaneous touches. It is possible to use BlackBerry Priv in thin gloves. Display lighting is comfortable in any conditions. For many, BlackBerry Priv may seem an experimental model, and it is experimental to the great extent. Nevertheless, it is the model worth testing, especially if you like SMS-messaging and enjoy high graphic quality.

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