Apple Iphone 7 in Nigeria

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  • Apple iPhone 7 review on Jiji

There is no need to think for a long time before answering what Smartphone is the best in the world. The newest Apple iPhone 7 has set several records in innovations. As every next model, iPhone 7 has improved screen and images quality, which allow enjoying graphics and images to the fullest extent. The 16gb model has gone now, so you will not be puzzled by supposedly attractive option, which does not allow to uncover the full potential of this new model. iPhone 7, first in the line ever, is equipped with a double camera. It lets users take pictures close to professional in quality. Moreover, iPhone 7 introduces wireless earphones - the stylish accessory, which has caused quite a lot of discussions: you will not have to deal with messy wires, but it becomes harder to store them without losing. Finally, new color option - Jet Black - has arrived with a new line. Among controversial features, it is necessary to admit that developers decided to refuse from 3.5mm audio jack this time. Lightning Jack, however, remains, allowing to connect either still wired earphones or a charging device. Doesn’t sound like a disadvantage? It means that time to discover attractive options on Jiji.

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