Apple Iphone 6 in Nigeria

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Shop on Jiji today and get amazing deals. Input your specifications and be shown results pertaining to your search. Shopping online in Nigeria has been made easier. Buy an Apple iPhone 6 today at cheap rates. When it comes to buying a device online, there are certain things to consider so that you are getting the best of your money worth. Here are some things to check to be sure you are getting a suitable device.

Check It For Any Form Of Water Damage

Every iPhone has a liquid contact indicator that is activated when the device comes in contact with water. You can check the Apple website to know where the signs are located. While you are checking this, you can also confirm the IMEI identification number that is on the exterior of the phone is the same as the one installed in the software.

To confirm this, go to the Settings icon, find the icon labeled as General then click on About. On this page, you can find the IMEI number identified with the device. By comparing these numbers, you can know if the casing has been switched. This is a significant indicator that the device has undergone more damage than was let on earlier.

Run a Test On The Battery

Typically with a functional iPhone battery can run for about 10 hours when on 3G. This state does not last forever, though. You can check the battery health of the phone in the settings before you initiate a purchase. The more the phone is recharged, the less the battery capacity is. If the battery capacity is not impressive enough, then you need to consider the price of buying a new battery for the phone. This can influence the final price of the device at the end of the day.

Check The Warranty

Every iPhone has warranty coverage for at least a year. Considering that you are buying a used phone, this warranty might not apply to you. So it is advisable to settle with the dealer on a period of warranty, so you have a safety net in case anything goes wrong with the device immediately you purchase it. A lot of individuals put their iPhones up for sale within a year or less, either because they are not impressed with the software or they just want to try out another model, so the warranty might still be extended to you as the new owner.

Purchasing a brand new iPhone can prove to be above our set budget. Nevertheless, iPhones are known to be a strong brand that lasts more than some other devices, so you are sure to enjoy your money's worth. Shop on Jiji today and have massive savings when it is time to pay finally. Purchase that iPhone 6 and explore your phone. Do not forget to take precautions when it comes to meeting an online vendor or buyer.

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