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Posted Aug 2      Maitama, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria

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Archive: GMAT Tutorials +<a id="show-phone-key" rel="nofollow" data-bazooka='popup-show-contact-limit' data-popup-id='show_contact_limit' data-popup-func='func_show_contact_limit' data-popup-data-dict='{"advert_id": "523339", "advert_url": ""}' data-popup-default-action='nothing' data-content_name='Gmaths Tutors' data-content_category='Classes & Courses' data-content_id='523339' data-content_lid=None data-value='None' data-place='AdvertPage' onclick="'advert', 'phone_call');" class="js-show-phone-key h-fake-link">234 &mdash; show phone</a><br />ABUJA ABSOLUTE GMAT has gone through our content archive to compile and re-optimize a series of GMAT Tutorials, designed to teach students particular concepts that are likely to appear on the GMAT. Covering both the Quantitative, Verbal, and AWA sections of the exam, these GMAT Tutorials are great for students of all ability levels.<br />Introductory Tutorials<br />• Getting Started<br />- This tutorial takes you through the format, structure and timing of the GMAT<br />Quantitative Tutorials<br />• Tips for Exponents and Roots<br />- This tutorial focuses on strategies for manipulating square roots and exponents. It will teach you how to easily multiply, divide, and factor when exponents and square roots are involved.<br />• The Many Ways the GMAT Tests Ratios<br />- This tutorial describes how the GMAT can use one concept – ratios – to test you in a number of different ways, from data sufficiency problems dealing with fractions to proportions in a word translation problem.<br />• Combinatorics and Probability Up Close<br />- In this tutorial, you learn about combinatorics: a way of counting groups and combinations of objects. You will learn a basic counting method, then progress to a more formulaic method.<br />• Absolute Values Expressions on the GMAT<br />- Absolute values are one of the trickier concepts that are tested on the GMAT. This tutorial teaches you how to avoid standard traps on the exam.<br />• Boosting Your Percentage<br />- This tutorial helps you find ways to avoid some time-consuming calculations involved in percentage questions. It covers mixtures, conversions, and all other ways that you may encounter percentages on the GMAT.<br />Verbal Tutorials<br />• The Finer Points of GMAT Grammar<br />- In this tutorial, you will learn why it is important to differentiate between spoken English and the GMAT’s grammatically correct English and when it&#39;s safe to trust your ear.<br />• Common Flaws in GMAT Logic<br />- This tutorial describes the basic types of flaws you will find in critical reasoning problems on the GMAT, including causation and &#34;limiting&#34; words.<br />AWA Tutorials<br />• Scoring Well in the Essay Section<br />- The essay section is scored separately from the Quantitative and Verbal sections and will not impact your 200- to 800-point score. However, a poor AWA score can keep you from being accepted to a business school. This tutorial helps you understand the essay section and what it takes to score well on this portion of the exam.<br />CONTACT US TODAY FOR AN INSTRUCTOR IN GMATHS: LOCATE US AT 28 IBM HARUNA STREET UTAKO ABUJA. OR CALL THE SUPERVISOR ON the numbers below

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