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The most marvelous and amazing benefit Snowphyll gives comes from the fact that it can naturally stimulate the Calorie Restriction in our body. In addition, its molecular structure is almost identical to haemoglobin except for the centre atom. Thus, it can actually help to do the job of haemoglobin.
Every cell in the body gets its nutrients from blood. This essential fluid carries out the critical functions of transporting oxygen and nutrients to our cells and getting rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products. One of the most important components of blood is RED BLOOD CELLS. Its primary function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body. It contains a protein called HAEMOGLOBIN, an essential substance that is needed & actually carries the oxygen. Ninety-seven percent of the oxygen that is carried by the blood from the lungs is carried by HAEMOGLOBIN.
Our blood carries an important function of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout our entire body. How do we ensure the longevity of our blood? The answer is Snowphyll which consists of Snow Algae Chlorophyll & Mulberry Leaf Extract formulated by Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland to help REPAIR,REBUILD AND REPLENISH our blood.
Active Ingredients of Snowphyll
Snow Algae Pure
Over the years of researches, Scientists from Mibelle BioChemistry have found that the main ingredient in Snowphyll – Snow Algae Pure, an extract from the extremophile algae from the Swiss Mountains, consist a potent Phyto substance that mimics the effects of calorie restriction & this way is able to improve the longevity of the cells.
Snow Algae – Unique Extremophile Algae from Swiss Mountain
These are single-cell algae with the unique ability to actively live at a temperature of approximately 0⁰C. In contrast, most other plants either reduce their metabolic activities or are simply unable to survive at this temperature. Snow Algae grow in areas where there is either an Alpine or polar climate in which there is snow all year round (permanent snow). Thus, these extremophile algae have the ability to thrive in freezing water with very low nutrient levels.
What is Calorie Restriction
Calorie Restriction is a dietary regimen that involves reducing the calorie intake by between 25% - 65%, while maintaining optimal levels of protein, vitamins & minerals. Calorie Restriction has been demonstrated to protect against stress & decelerate the biological aging process resulting in improved healthy span & extended lifespan. Thus, Calorie Restriction is regarded as a promising pathway to slow down the signs of aging
Snow algae adapt to their environment by modifying their pigmentation. Pigment concentration change is one of the strategies developed by the snow algae to enable them to adapt to their extreme habitat.
Mulberry Leaf Extract
Touted as superfood & the “next known health sensation”, has effective sugar blocking properties that will combat diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease while helping you lose unwanted pounds. Mulberry leaves contain an element called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that controls the absorption of glucose and helps to reduce the amount of glucose in blood, which is responsible for managing fats and sugars.
It’s also packed with powerful antioxidant that are known to help decrease damages caused by free radicals and body cells against the oxidative stress, various minerals and extracts such as beta-carotene, GABA-1, amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, A and fiber.
Benefits of Snowphyll
· Best Aid in Gastrointestinal problems
Refined, low fibre & animal fats contribute to major diseases start in the colon. Gastrointestinal problems can be best treated by improving the digestion & assimilation. High chlorophyll content aids in loosening & cleansing the colon.
· Promotes formation of haemoglobin & red blood cells.
Haemoglobin is the iron-containing substance that provides red blood cells their red pigment & transports oxygen to the body tissues. Rich in magnesium that gives a high alkalizing effect to the body. It helps in rebuilding & replenishing the red blood cells which is responsible for boosting our energy.
· Detoxify toxins that causes chronic illness and reduces the binding of carcinogens from foods like cooked meat products that damage the DNA & other organs of the body particularly the liver.
· Beneficial in assimilating calcium & other heavy minerals very easy to absorb & assimilate. It can assimilate calcium & balance other trace minerals to rebuild, replace & exchange with the new tissue
· Fights infections.
Contains anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory compounds of Vitamin A, C & E that help to reduce inflammation, kill harmful bacteria & kill germs by strengthening the tissues.
· Treats bad breath
Bad breath is caused by oral bacteria that reside in a person’s mouth & it excretes odoriferous waste products. Snowphyll acts as deodorizer that eliminates bad odor & reduces the stringent smell of urine,infected wounds & faeces.
· Skin rejuvenation.
Reinforced skin barrier, better skin hydration, less visible age spots, fresher, better moisturized & smoother skin
· Managing blood sugar & weight loss.
Has the ability to prevent blood sugar spikes & inhibit sugar digestion, suppresses cravings and prevents fat from being made.
Why does my feces appear greenish after consuming Snow Algae Chlorophyll?
Before total cleansing takes place, the body fails to absorb all the goodness of chlorophyll and the excess gets discharged. Once toxins are cleared, absorption will then improve and feces will no longer appear green. This means your body is ready to take in all the nutrients in Snow Algae chlorophyll.
Can Snow Algae Chlorophyll be used as an antiseptic?
Yes. With the cleansing power it has, Snow Algae Chlorophyll is effective in removing bad breath and body odor. Daily intake of one sachet of Snow Algae Chlorophyll will ensure total body cleansing from the internal organs to the skin.
Why do some people encounter discomforts like dry throat, headache, feverish and thirst after drinking concentrated chlorophyll?
These are positive reactions after drinking chlorophyll, a result of the cleansing function. After this, you will feel high-spirited and energetic. To speed up this cleansing effect, you may want to drink plenty of water or begin with lower dosage, then gradually increase intake as your body slowly adapts to the changes.
Can I take Snow Algae Chlorophyll while I am taking my doctor's prescribed medicines?
Yes you can take Snow Algae Chlorophyll. It will help the liver to detoxify the side effects of medicine.
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