• Calcium And Zinc

Calcium And Zinc

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Chief functions in the body
– Mineralization of bones and teeth
– Involved in muscle contraction and relaxation,
– Nerve functioning,
– Blood clotting
– Blood pressure
– Immune defenses
– As a secondary messenger inside cells
1997 adequate intake (AI)
– Adults 19-50 years: 1000 mg/day
– Adults 51 and older:
1200 mg/day
– Women at risk for osteoporosis, 1500 mg/day
• Upper level of adults:
2500 mg/day
If blood calcium levels are not in balance muscle contraction is affected.
If too high, muscles contract but don't relax, a condition of calcium rigor.
If too low, muscles go into tetany, where muscle contraction is constant and uncontrolled.
Deficiency symptoms
– Stunted growth in children
– Bone loss (osteoporosis) in adults
Significant sources
– Milk and milk products
– Small fish (with bones)
– Tofu (bean curd), greens (broccoli, chard), legumes
– Calcium citrate (e.g. in fortified orange juice) is well absorbed
Chief functions in the body
– Part of many enzymes
• Metalloenzymes
– Important for many metabolic reactions
– Important for storage, synthesis and release of insulin (not part of insulin’s action)
– Involved in making genetic material (DNA and RNA synthesis )and proteins,
immune reactions, transport of vitamin A, taste perception, wound healing, the making of sperm, and the normal development of the fetus
• Zinc supplementation
– it protects against childhood illnesses
• Only zinc gluconate has been shown to be effective against colds.
• Metallic aftertaste in the mouth.
• Flavoring agents added to the gluconate interfere with zinc absorption
Deficiency symptoms
– Growth retardation, delayed sexual maturation, impaired immune function, hair loss, eye and skin lesions, loss of appetite
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