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  • The Only Original Samsu Oil Full Details And Side Effects Exp Oct-2020

The Only Original Samsu Oil Full Details And Side Effects Exp Oct-2020

Posted Feb 19
Lagos State, Nigeria
Sexual Supplements
Samsu oil is beginning to face new problems like never before. There is ONLY ONE original samsu oil in Nigeria, made in Indonesia. It is the one with the round gold seal on the packet and the content of the bottle is full and not half or less. Most of the fake ones are made in the eastern part of Nigeria, Onitsha to be more precise.I have heard a lot about the diluted samsu oil and all manner of means through which people fake the product. A lady who once worked with me called me on phone requesting for empty bottles of samsu oil to give to a guy. Some other sellers will ask you to pay before delivery and at the end of the day you'll get nothing or something different. Save the picture above and make sure that what you get is EXACTLY what you see in the picture I uploaded. Please lets be careful. Samsu oil is good but some people are working at destroying the reputation of the product and that has lead to numerous questions concerning it and i'm going to explain some of them. You can always call me for more clarifications on the product and general sexual wellness.
1 Does it really work?
2 What are the side effects of Samsu oil?
I'm going to explain all that now. Its hard to see a thing on earth that does not have side effects. Think of it, Paracetamol can be dangerous in excess and when taken for too long. Its a beautiful thing to fly in First class but so many first class lovers have landed either in the ocean or in the forest, you remember when an airplane landed on a building in Lagos? It probably imagined itself to be a bird. If you decide to play careless with the turbulent waves on the sea then you will experience the merciless side of water
Starting with the efficacy of Samsu oil, it works pretty good especially if you apply it the right way. Samsu oil is just too wonderful. It is very important that you don't apply too much or dive on her immediately, it may not work properly. Just one drop that is well distributed on your organ can perform wonders and its important that you allow the skin to absorb it for about 2 hours, that is when you get the best out of it. you can spend up to 30 minutes of work without ejaculati0n therefore giving you full control over orgasm. Over 80 percent of the drugs that claim to cure premature ejaculati0n don't work but Samsu oil is just putting smiles on peoples faces.
The side effect can be annoying for those who apply it in excess. It is a tiny bottle requiring that a tiny portion of it be used each time you apply it.
If you apply too much, you will feel like you applied a hot balm on your tender organ. The more of it you apply, the hotter you feel but if you get uncomfortable with it, ill suggest that you wash it off. If it is up to 2 hours since you applied it, it will still work fine even after you wash/rinse. It is not a compulsory that you wash it especially if you apply it the right way, i prefer you leave it if you applied it right.
Another side effect is that it numbs you if you apply too much of it and this is because Samsu oil is a desensitizer but this only happens to a very few people. If your wife is the super warrior who does not get tired easily then ill recommend that you add Jalin herbal manex to Samsu oil. Jalin is currently superb and absolutely with no known side effect. It is made of mainly honey and Ginseng maca. I always advise men to take Jalin at least once a week, it dosent matter if you have a match to play or not. It is to be taken orally unlike Samsu oil that you apply like a cream. I said "wife" because its wrong to sex someone who is not your wife!
This herb is manufactured at Indonesia, it has NAFDAC certification and it is marketed by BUO international LTD.
It is made of Zingiberis Rhizoma extract 20%w/v and
Myicroetices Semen 10%w/v.
I have severally heard about the fake product being sold especially in Nigeria so please be careful. If its fake, you will not feel anything after an hour also the original one has an alcoholic kind of smell and it evaporates almost as fast as petrol.
You can buy Samsu oil in Lagos Nigeria USA Germany Switzerland and Ghana as at when writing this post.
Delivery is within 12 hours
₦ 1,800
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