LCD Combo Meter - DC 6.5-100v Battery Power Monitoring +100A Shunt

Posted May 24
Lagos State, Nigeria
Note: pls connect the polarity correctly.
DC 6.5-100v 100A LCD Combo Meter Voltage current KWh 12v 24v 48v Battery Power monitoring +100A Shunt
Widely Use in cars, inverters, boats, motorcycle and Testing Devices for measuring voltage and current
Widely used in equipment and electromechanical device
Monitoring battery & electrical system, solar, Wind, HHO System
The New version details
- The working voltage: 6.5 ~ 100VDC
- Max power: 100A/10000W
- Measurement precision: class 1
About function
- Measure and monitor the electrical parameters (voltage, current, kWh, watt)
- Overload alarm function (more than watt alarm threshold , backlight flashing)
- Power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold)
- Power(kWh) button reset function
- When power off, store the data, when on, continue the date
- Large screen LCD liquid crystal screen full display function (voltage, current, kWh, watt)
- Backlight function
About Display
Display interface. By the large screen LCD display LCD monitor voltage and current, kWh, watt, electric parameters
- Watt: the measurement range of 0~10kW
less than 1kW: 0.0~999.9W
less than 10kW: 1000~9999W
- kWh: the measurement range of 0~9999kWh
less than 10kWh: 0~9999Wh
more than 10kWh:10~9999kWh
- The test voltage range of 6.5-100V DC
Display format 6.50~99.99V
- Current test range: 0~100A
Display format 0.00~99.99A
About Button
- Backlight control
Can turn on/off backlight by short press
- Power rese
Step 1: long time press the button ( about 5 seconds), til display flicker, then release the button
Step 2: if short time press the button again, then power(kWh) reset zero and exit flicker
Step 3: if long press button for 5 seconds until it is no longer flicker, power(kWh) data is not cleared and exit
- Set the alarm (watt
Step 1: long press the button, till the LCD screen display "SET CLr", release the button
Step 2: show the alarm(voltage) value, short time press, value(number) increase. don't press the button for 3 seconds, the setting switch to other bit
Step 3: long time press the button(about 5 seconds) ----> save the threshold voltage value
Threshold setting watt range: 6.5v-99.99v
Notes: pls connect the polarity correctly
Package Inludes:
1 x DC 100A Combo Meter With Shunt
  • LCD Combo Meter - DC 6.5-100v Battery Power Monitoring +100A Shunt
  • LCD Combo Meter - DC 6.5-100v Battery Power Monitoring +100A Shunt
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