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  • Archive: The New Improved Rechargeable Wireless Intercom

Archive: The New Improved Rechargeable Wireless Intercom

Lagos State, Nigeria
Archive: INTRODUCTION:<br />This is a complete wireless intercom system. It is the very first wireless intercom system that is extendable to 100 units from numbers 0 to 99 units. It is a plug-n-call system that needs no installation thereby incurring no installation cost. It also works with or without electric power. It is so rugged but very simple to operate<br />FEATURES:<br />A. Completely wireless operation. It needs no installation nor an installer.(DIY)<br />B. Works with or without electricity. It has a very powerful li-ion inbuilt battery that powers the system at power failure. Fully charged the system can stay on for 6 days, on operation the system can stay powered on for over 12 hours.<br />C. The communication range/distance of 200 to 300m depending the environment<br />D. It has 100 units extension from 0 to 99. all set is preset with numbers from 0 to 99. No further coding or setting is required, just place and call.<br />E. It is designed to be placed or mounted on any surface, horizontally on any wall surface or vertically on any flat surface.<br />SPECIFICATIONS:<br />1.Using 2.4G ISM public frequency band: 2402-2483MHz<br />2.Air transfer rate: 250K<br />3.Transmitting Power: Less then 20dBm(Less then 100mw), Receive<br />Sensitivity: -100 or less<br />4.AFH technology, super anti-jamming capability, can share 2.4G band<br />with wireless LAN and bluetooth devices<br />5.Panel 10 number button, a call key and two indicator lights: power<br />indicator light(red) and operating light(green)<br />6.With coding, transmitting code, ID seting functions.<br />7. AC 110/220V, Electric Current: within 200mA<br />8.Communication distance: more then 300 meter<br />NORMAL OPERATION:<br />1. Plug the system into electricity and it is powered on, red indicator flashes every four seconds.<br />2. To call, dial the number you want to call and press the CALL button. It rings at the called intercom as the red indicator stays on. The indicator turns green when the call is picked. If the call is not picked/answered after some minutes the connection cuts as the red indicator beeps. If the called intercom is busy the red indicator stays on as it sounds engaged and cuts.<br />3. After a call is made and conversation is completed, drop the cradle to hang up and the system goes into standby as the red indicator beeps on at intervals.<br />FAQs<br />OPERATION ENVIRONMENTS:<br />1. HOMES: Imagine how easy and comfortable to communicate with members of your family without calling out for attention or using a paid device to reach out. All you need to do is place this smart intercom in most of the important areas of your house , bedrooms, kitchen, sitting rooms, BQs, gate, security house, etc. If you live in an area that does not need a security guard, just mount a unit at your gate for your visitors to reach you without banging on your gate or blaring their car horns for your attention.<br />2. HOTELS: Time for breaking of walls to lay cables or clipping of cables on the walls from one box to another through a central PBX box is gone. The stress of looking endlessly for cables cut by rats and cockroaches causing breakdown in communication is gone. Do it easily and cleanly once for all by using this smart intercom for your hotels as long as the rooms are 100 or less. And don’t have to complain about power failure because the system keeps your guests communicating even without power.<br />3. HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES: Get easy, comfortable and stress-free communication with your staffs without shifting from your seat and be rest assured of 24/7 interaction.<br />4. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE OFFICES. Even old and new establishments can get easy and comfortable connection and communication without breaking walls or laying cables. It is so easy and simple to communication.<br />wireless phone intercom<br />5. SUPER MARTS, BOUTIQUES, FILLING STATIONS, ETC: Just get connected and start communicating anyhow anytime and anywhere within your premises of business.


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Lagos State, Ikeja, Region 22, oritshe street off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja-Lagos

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