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Posted Aug 25      Lagos Mainland, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Archive: OUR STOCKLIST.<br />Section A.<br />1. AHA<br />2.Glycolic Acid<br />3. Salicylic Acid<br />4. Lactic Acid<br />5.Citric Acid<br />Section B.<br />1. Cocoabutter<br />2.Mango Butter<br />Section C.<br />1.Emulsyfying Wax<br />3. Stearic Acid<br />4. Cetyl Alcohol<br />5. Borax<br />‎6. Xanthan Gum<br />7. Guar gum<br />Section D.<br />1. Kojic Acid Powder<br />2. Licorice Extract powder(white)<br />3.Ascorbic Acid( Vitamin C)<br />4. HQ<br />6. Gigawhite Powder<br />7. Malic Acid<br />8. Philipino set (powder and solvent)<br />9. Snow white powder<br />Section E.<br />‎PRESERVATIVES.<br />1‎. Germal Plus<br />2. Phenoxyethanol<br />SECTION F.<br />BOTANICALS/ CLAYS/HERBS/MASK//EXFOLIANTS/ /POWDERS (peels,seeds,fruit)<br />1.Neem Powder<br />2.Orange peel powder<br />3. Sandalwood powder<br />4. Turmeric PowdEr<br />5. Oat Powder<br />6. Cocoa powder<br />7. White Coffee ground... superb for scrubs/mask/.<br />8. Fenugreek Powder<br />9. Rosewater<br />10. Cinammon Powder<br />11. Gold Whitening Powder( for soaps/bath gel/ facial mask... etc)<br />12. Soap Bleaching powder(blue)<br />13. Miracle Powder<br />14. Fuller&#39;s Earth ( for facials,mask)<br />15. Soap whitening Powder ( to be dissolved and added to morrocan soap/blacksoap/bath gel/spa gel)<br />17. Beetroot powder<br />18. Soap additives( extra nourishing ingredients added to blacksoap/bath gels etc)<br />19. Camwood powder<br />20. Castile Soap<br />21. Bentonite Clay<br />22. Activated Charcoal<br />‎SECTION G<br />FRAGNANCES/PERFUME.<br />1. Banana<br />2.Vanilla<br />3. ‎Lavender<br />4.Strawberry<br />5.Lemon<br />6.Lemon Grass<br />SECTION H.<br />1. Fenugreek seeds<br />2. Blackseed<br />3. Grapeseed fruit extract<br />4.Papaya Extract‎( liquid)<br />5. Vitamin A( retinol)<br />SECTION J.<br />SUNCREEN/SUNBLOCK.<br />1.‎Zinc Oxide<br />2.Titanium Oxide<br />SECTION K.<br />OILS  ( Essential&amp; Carrier oils)‎.<br />1. Rosehip Oil<br />2. Sweet Almond<br />3. Olive oil<br />4. Castor oil<br />5. Avocado Oil‎‎<br />7. Pumpkin seeds oIl<br />8. Wheatgerm Oil<br />9.  Lavender<br />‎10. Peppemint<br />11. Jojoba oil<br />13. Chamomile Oil<br />14. Orange oil<br />15. Lemon oil<br />16. Blackseed Oil<br />18. Fenugreek Oil<br />‎<br />SECTION L.<br />1. Vitamin E oil<br />2. Barberry Powder<br />3. Mulberry Powder<br />4. Sodium Metabisulphite<br />5. Collagen(liquid)<br />7. Allantoin (Skin Moisturiser/anti-irritant)<br />8.‎Glycerin<br />9.Miracle Powder( active extract for acne,sunburn,rashes etc)<br />10. ‎Cocobetaine (foaming and stabilizing agent)<br />‎11.Epsom Salt ( magnesium Sulphate)<br />12. Propylene Glycol<br />13.Baking Soda<br />14. Isopropylene Alcohol ( Base 4 cleansers and a dissolving Agent e.g for  Salicylic Acid)<br />15.‎ Aloe Vera Gel<br />16. Coconut Oil<br />20. Caustic soda( LYE)<br />21. Ghana Soap<br />SECTION M (serums/skin milks/ lightening oils etc)<br />1. ‎Magic derma<br />2. Whitening glycerin( carrot and lemon)<br />3.Morocan Whitening oil<br />4. Skin free beautifying milk serum‎<br />5. Glutathione whitening oil<br />6. Action miracle whitening  serum<br />7. Beauty Series Skin perfecting serum<br />8. Magic Kenacol<br />9. Pimment Doux<br />10. Schenic oil<br />11. Aimee Claire Lightening Body oil<br />12.Botox whitening Serum<br />13. Kojic whitening oil<br />14. 7 days whitening serum(skin perfector)( for black patches,evens skin tone etc)<br />15. Egyptian Talking Oil<br />16. Magic white whitening serum<br />17. Extreme white whitening oil<br />18. LA leveur serum with fruit acid.<br />19. Rapid whitenizer<br />20. Glutathione strong whitening serum(extrra+forte)<br />21.Egyptian Whitening oil with Argan oil.<br />22.White Express strong whitening oil( with kojic and licorice)<br />23. Rapid white strong toning serum<br />24. Potion Magique Whitening serum<br />25. Style Clair lightening oil( with rapid effects,anti-aging)<br />26. Action Jolie tonic (with lactic acid)<br />27. Snail Argan oil serum<br />28. 5 days action milk<br />29. Extra White lightening serum<br />30.Santarde Lotion<br />31. Quick Clear super whitening spots remover(anti-pimples,black spots,eye cream remover)<br />32. Magic force lightening cream activator.<br />33. Half Cast-Glow oil

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