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  • Archive: Hijama Cupping Therapy

Archive: Hijama Cupping Therapy

Lagos Island (Eko), Lagos State, Nigeria
Archive: Hijama cupping solution to almost all diseases.<br />over 80% of disease is due to impure blood. our blood becomes contaminated air pollution junk food, low-quality water, fizzy and sugary drinks, toxic chemicals found in food, smoking etc. one cannot escape from these toxins and as we grow older, these toxins leads to blood stasis. stasis blocks vital elements of our blood like oxygen, minerals, electrolytes, water, hormones from entering our immune system, cells, tissues and organs. this results in various diseases.
  • Archive: Hijama Cupping Therapy

    Bashtaoq Hijama And Holistic Medicine

    Last seen 5 hrs ago
    Lagos State, Lagos Island (Eko), Region 13, gambari street off freeman street Lagos island

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