Archive: Cleanse - Pure Live X 60 Caps

Posted Jul 13      Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria

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  • Archive: Cleanse - Pure Live X 60 Caps
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Archive: The health benefits of a body cleanse<br />A body cleanse is a way to rid your body of unnecessary toxins and give it an overall reset.<br />*improve digestive health*<br />The chemicals we take in through the foods we eat and the beauty products we use can take a toll on our digestive health. By removing processed foods, a cleanse can aid the digestive process, reducing bloating and constipation.<br />*gain control of cravings*<br />*energy boost*<br />when your liver is working correctly, you will have increased levels of energy, but if it becomes overworked with breaking down too many toxins<br />*improve mental and emotional health*<br />product supports<br />1) cleanses cycles<br />2) balances the 7 channels of elimination<br />3) support weight loss and burn fats<br />4) reverse early menopause and irregular mental flow<br />5) supports the spinal cord, bones and joints<br />6) support anti-aging<br />7) support high blood pressure<br />8) good for diabetes patients
  • Archive: Cleanse - Pure Live X 60 Caps
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