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  • Archive: Ultraviolet UV Water Sterilizer & Purifier

Archive: Ultraviolet UV Water Sterilizer & Purifier

Lagos Island (Eko), Lagos State, Nigeria
Archive: 1. home water systems, ultraviolet (UV) Water sterilizer is used as an important step to kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms. During UV sterilization, the water is exposed at a controlled rate to ultraviolet light waves. The bacteria absorb the UV radiation energy, which destroys or inactivates their DNA, thus preventing the bacteria from reproducing. UV systems may reduce 99% of bacteria in the water.<br />2. over-flow of imported stainless steel reaction chamber 304, through automatic welding, all rushed to pull teeth mouth stretched after welding smooth no dead ends, inside and outside the highly polished mirror cavity greatly enhance the intensity of UV radiation, enhance the bactericidal effect<br />3. low-pressure UV lamp uses high-intensity mercury imported from Europe, the service life of up to{phone=900013000} hours, supporting high efficiency electronic ballast further enhance the life of the whole sterilization and effect, so that the whole sterilization rate 99.99%<br />4. immersion joint use of the unique food-grade plastic king material, resistant to ozone and UV-aging, easy installation, sealing strong.<br />An ultraviolet sterilization principle<br />1.A sterilization: 254nm UV wavelength change and destruction of microorganisms and bacterial virus nuclear protein that causes the mutant nucleic acid structure, thus changing the transcription of the genetic properties of the cell, the organism loses the ability to reproduce the protein synthesis and replication, and finally death, thus achieve sterilization purposes.<br />2. degradation of organic matter, total organic carbon (except TOC) 185nm wavelength ultraviolet photochemical reactions in water to produce ionized H2O to produce a strong oxidizing power of hydroxyl radicals (OH), can be organic carbon to oxygen dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).<br />Two obvious advantages of UV disinfection<br />1.A physical sterilization, very environmentally friendly, without contact or store any hazardous chemicals.<br />2.Compared with other sterilization methods, with safety.<br />3.sterilization quickly, unlike other methods require prolonged contact.<br />4.without adding any chemicals into the water, does not produce secondary pollution.<br />5.does not change the water odor, taste, PH value, conductivity and other chemical reactions.<br />6.regular cleaning easy lamp replacement.<br /> highly compatible with other sterilization methods.<br />Three widely used UV disinfection<br />1.A living water, secondary water supply, drinking water, pure water mineral water plant sterilization.<br />2.swimming pools, landscape water and circulating cooling water sterilization.<br />3.sterilization makeup, medicine and other industrial water.<br /> and beverage processing and packaging equipment production process sterilization.<br />5.sewage sterilization before.<br />6. aquaculture and aquatic farming sterilization.<br />7.electronic ultra-pure water sterilization and addition of organic carbon.<br />Do not stare into lamps, beware of eye injury.

Oppein-Haier Ebere Ikechukwu

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Lagos State, Orile, Region shop 12 progressiveplaza market street, OdunAde marketplace opposite coker First Bank plc. 8- 6pm

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