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  • Archive: Norland Ginseng Healthway Cordyceps Capsule

Archive: Norland Ginseng Healthway Cordyceps Capsule

Kajola, Oyo State, Nigeria
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Archive: Norland ginseng cordyceps sinensis permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation, high sugar levels, low energy, loss of appetite, and poor sleeping patterns.<br />*amazing functions of ginseng + cordyceps*<br />a) treats erectile dysfunction<br />b) treats premature ejaculation<br />c) maintains libido<br />d) lowers blood sugar levels<br />e) prevents and treats cancer<br />f) detoxifies the body<br />g) increases energy levels<br />h) treats menstrual discomfort<br />i) reduces alcohol toxicity<br />j) relieves stress<br />*anti-inflammatory properties<br />*prevents premature aging<br />*boosts heart health<br />*lowers cholesterol<br />*supports kidney health<br />*boosts immune system<br />it is clinically proven that a combination of ginseng + cordyceps magically improves general health, that is why after 17years of proper research, best group of medical team in china decided to create herbal capsules with ginseng and cordyceps approved and named after the highest food and drugs body in the world fda.

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