Public Relations Officer Jobs in Nigeria

  • Public Relation Officer Jobs in Nigeria

A public relation officer (PR manager) is due to administering the client's fame in the sphere of is/her activity. Firs of all, a PR officer is to study the respective field and reveal the best ways of affecting the public's opinion relating his personality and actions. To implement this successfully, this specialist ought to choose media as his/her main "weapon".

If you are striving to get a position of a PR officer, your potential customers are public bodies such as artists, voluntary companies, business owners. Find a vacancy in Nigeria through the largest website of most diverse job offers and ads.

Depending on the client, the sphere of authorities assigned to a PR manager is broad. paying special attention to the peculiarities of the client and his performance in the industry, as well as his demands and ambitions, various tasks may be brought forward and diverse types of solutions needed. However, the primary duties are scheming and evolving strategies, being in constant touch with medias providing them with necessary yet beneficial info, preparing press releases for targeted medias, ordering and overseeing the production of brochures, catalogs, and other projects. Other accountabilities a PR manager faces during his job involve supervising the client's official website (refreshing, completing with info, media files), arranging exhibitions, conferences or other events (depending on the field of activity).

Those who intend to apply for a vacancy of a public relation officer in Nigeria must have a specialization in marketing, media studies, politics or management. The mandatory skills for this position include perfect skills of socializing, a resilience of mind and creative worldview, the capability to act within a team and lead it meanwhile, problem-solving mind.

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