Marketing Manager Jobs in Nigeria

  • Marketing Manager Jobs in Nigeria

A marketing manager is due to marketing of one or several products manufactured by the firm he/she is working for. He may be as well entrusted the supervising of the entire business's marketing depending on its size. To obtain this job position, the applicant ought to be a highly sociable, creative and intelligent one with a somewhat spontaneous nature. In coupe with all these characteristics, there is a line of features mandatory for this job position. These involve high attention to detailing, great focusing on the job, easy communication abilities as verbal so written, etc.

A good marketing manager should be always ready to fulfill as planned so impromptu tasks assigned by the employer. In the first case, this position is due to printing advertisements, having ad videos shot, getting endorsements, performing public speaking, etc. Unplanned assignments, meanwhile appear via solving problematic situations with the press concerning the company's production. Particularly here the employer will find out the level of his marketing manager's skillfulness! A talented manager will success in reassure the public and press that something went wrong with that particular product while all others are simply perfect!

As a rule, this position is to collaborate with an entire team of workers to create an ad campaign and fulfill the project with a great success.

To apply for a marketing manager's vacancy, the applicant ought to have at least a bachelor's degree in journalism, advertising, or business administration. However, certain organizations in Nigeria are ready to employ talented workers with a degree in other specializations. Find a vacancy to apply for in Nigeria's largest platform of ads and job offers.

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