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  • General Manager Jobs in Nigeria

The job of a general manager is a highly versatile one. Companies, stores, and even shops employ general managers for supervising the operation of a single unit or the entire one. They are due to employing new members or firing them in case they find the workers are not devoted to their job enough or don't try hard to satisfy a sufficient level of customer satisfaction. After a new staff member is hired, the manager is obliged to reveal his potential and train enough so that he becomes a full staff member.

Advantage of General Manager Job

Among the basic authorities, this position possesses, are directing the staff, delegating the staff's accountabilities, determining the staff's salary, making reports at the end of each quarter. Surely, plenty of other accountabilities have relied on a manager, yet the general aim is satisfying the clients to have them back later. Having the entire work process organized, the company's profitability level will surely be enhanced.

To acquire this job, such characteristics of an applicant are taken into great consideration as high-level decisiveness, the ability to solve problems on the spot, premium communicating abilities, high sense of responsibility. The ability to work in a team is highly crucial for a general manager as, during the job, he will face situations with an urge to unite the team and make them work as a whole. The capability to work under the pressure should be among the general manager's virtues as well.

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