Archive: Original Romoss Sense 4 Powerbank - 10400mah

Posted Nov 17      Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria
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Archive: We are the No. 1 Seller of Original ROMOSS Powerbanks. (Price NOT Negotiable)<br />Any Price cheaper than ours is most likely a fake. Beware of counterfeits littered in the market. Buy now and have peace of mind.<br />We at SebuFTech Ventures will continue to ensure our beloved customers get only Genuine Quality ROMOSS power banks. That is our promise.<br />Company Overview:<br />Romoss is one of the World&#39;s Top manufacturer of Portable Powerbanks, Car chargers, and Power Adapters with an ever growing market now fully solidified in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, India, Malaysia, Russia, among others, as well as Home Country, China.<br />Romoss Powerbanks have become the new &#34;Energizer&#34; or &#34;Duracell&#34; in the Powerbank business with their Full Battery Capacity Powerbanks with up to 1000 Charge Cycles.<br />ROMOSS has become a world renowed Brand . No wonder Fake, Immitation Romoss Powerbanks have infiltrated both Offline and Online markets worldwide with unrealistic cheap prices.<br />SebuFTech Ventures is proud to be part of Romoss success and providing only Genuine Romoss Powerbanks directly from Romoss Production Units in China.<br />Beware of Fake Romoss Powerbanks that has littered the market with unrealistic prices, you will most definitely regret it.<br />Buy only from SebuFTech Ventures to get Original Romoss Sense 4 Powerbanks with Genuine Samsung SDI Batteries inside.<br />Product Overview:<br />SebuFTech Ventures introduces you to the New Improved Romoss Sense 4 -10400mAh with a recharge cycle of up to 1500 times, translating to more than 2 years of continuous strong battery performance.<br />The Romoss Sense 4 Powerbank with High Quality 10,400mAh Samsung SDI Batteries gives you more than enough Back-up Capacity that is proven to last for up to a little more than 3 days in a single charge depending on usage pattern of the consumer.<br />Superb Ergonomics - Awesomely Beautiful Design SAMSUNG SDI Batteries Inside!! which total to 10400mAh Capacity that is capable of withstanding more than 1500 recharge cycles and the ability to retain a full charge for more than 6 Months.<br />Awesome! IR Charge - It can automatically adjusts its output voltage to charge any smartphone or tablet.<br />Powerful Booster with Rapid Charging -It charges your batteries 100 per cent Faster than normal chargers with 15 per cent more Power Output<br />Synchronous Charging and Discharging - It can charge other devices while its charging at the same time.A fully charged ROMOSS Sense 4 will fully charge your iPhone or other related Smartphones for 4 to 5 times and also charge your iPad 2 to full charge and still spare some juice for your Smartphone.It can also fully charge your 7 inch or 8 inch Tablet for 2 consecutive times as well as give your 9.7 inch and 10.1 inch Tablet a Full Charge and still remain some juice for your Smartphone<br />Overcharge Protection. This protects the batteries from losing its efficiency and effectiveness as a result of battery overcharge.<br />Compatible with: All Blackberry phones, iPad, iPhone, Samsung phones and Tablets, HTC, Nokia and almost all phones and tablets<br />- Superb Quality that is proven to stand the test of time.-

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