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  • Archive: Rain Coat/Jacket

Archive: Rain Coat/Jacket

Ikwerre, Rivers State, Nigeria
Archive: <br />Made How<br />Volume 6  Raincoat<br />Raincoat<br />Background<br />Raincoats are jackets made of fabric that is specially treated to repel water. In 1836, Charles Macintosh invented a method for combining rubber with fabric, which was used in the first modern raincoats. Because of his inventions, all raincoats are called Mackintoshes or Macs by those in Great Britain. Most modern day raincoats are inspired in one way or another by Macintosh&#39;s brainchild.<br />Today there are many kinds of raincoats made of all types of fabric. An all-weather raincoat has a removable lining so it can be worn in any weather. Fold ups are foldable and usually made of vinyl. Vinyl raincoats are made of vinyl or of fabric that has a vinyl finish. Trenchcoats are worn by both men and women, and are often made of lightweight cotton/polyester fabric.
  • Archive: Rain Coat/Jacket

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