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Posted Nov 28      Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
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Archive: Are you looking for a power 3D Virtual Reality headset with a classic look?<br />A VR headset with a HiFi stereo Headphone to make you enjoy your favourite movies on your device, Youtube?<br />A VR Headset to play those amazing games in your phone with the biggest screen you can ever imagine with your phone glyscope, already available cheap Bluetooth gamepad. Games ranging from soccer, temple race, Zumbies, Zuma, You just name it!!?<br />A VR headset to View your amazing pictures in your phone and create lifetime memory in you and loved ones?<br />A VR Headset with Pause, Play, Next, Previous button?<br />A VR Headset that allows you to answer your incoming calls without removing the phone from the headset? Amazing isn’t it !<br />A VR Headset with Distance and Myopia settings to suite your test?<br />A VR Headset with many amazing features!<br />If you answers to the above questions are YES. Then this VR headset is for you.<br />Amazing revolutionary tech, turn your Smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.<br />Capacitive touch button allows you to fully immerse yourself into VR games. You can adjust the volume and answer incoming calling using the multifunction button. No need to remove your phone , effect and simple.<br />This amazing virtual reality glasses give you access to an all new world in the comfort of your home. Watch 3D movies your personal cinema. participate in a VR horror game or score a goal in a game of soccer as if you were a part of it !<br />Equipped with Flexible Headphone It’s able to stretch former and backward to fit you. well, suitable to different age;3D sound built-in, provide high quality 3D sound; the headphone filled with memory sponge ,effective reduce the noise.<br />Soft and comfortable Adjustable headband make it comfortable to wear while watching movies or your playing favorite games. Around eyes area are high grade perforated leather material, soft, breathable and easy to clean.<br />Japanese PMMA lens make the view clearer, more real and better protect your eyes. Improved leather material around eye area and headband to make it comfortable to wear while watching movies or playing games<br />Suitable for iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones with a screen size within 4.7 - 6.0 inches.WOW. What are you waiting for !<br />Soft and breathable leather pad keeps your eyes comfortable even after hours watching.<br />Adjustable pupil distance and object distance to satisfy different groups of people.<br />More Apps: easy to operate and download Apps on google play,Youtube and apple store ,All video source can be found on Google.<br />POWERFUL VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET EXPERIENCE: Quality HD optical resin lens, more clear, adjustable and easy to focus. Reduce deformity and glare, prevent visual fatigue and dizzy, restore 3D reality under broader vision. Build-in stereo headphones, quality protein on outer layer, ensure soundproofing and 360 ° surround sound, more powerful sound. Awe-inspiring fantastical games, immersive movies and endless possibilities, synchronous stereo voice within your ears, your VR Tour must be perfect.<br />FITS MOST PEOPLE GROUP: Suitable for 0-600 degrees myopia and 0-400 degree hyperopic. Adjustable focal distance, pupil distance and headphones, front and back expand the type and age of using people group. Adjust the three straps correctly before wear VR Goggles on your head, your head and neck will not feel sore. Must sit and fixed to use a Virtual Reality Headset? Now, use it as a room-scale VR, Seated VR, Standing VR, you can watch 3D movies and play games relaxed, freely, and comfortably<br />COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MAJOR SMARTPHONES: 3D Glasses headset fits most smart phones which screen size within 3.5&#34; to 6.0&#34;, range in 4.7&#34;-5.5&#34; maybe better. And the phone body size is not bigger than the range: width 86mm /33.86&#34;, length 163mm /64.17&#34;, it may not fit the ones much thicker. Such as iOS phones like iPhone 7/7 Plus,6/6S, 6/6S Plus,5/5S/SE,4/4S,iPod Touch etc. And Virtual Reality Glasses also work for Android and Windows phones like Tecno, Infinix, gionne, Ferro, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huiwei, Nexus etc<br />PRACTICAL FRIENDLY DESIGNED: An entry level VR Device. Simulating 3m Viewing Distance: 1050 inches big screen, offers you super VR 360 Viewing and wonderful feeling. Adjustable phone mount, protects your phone better, keeps it away from scratching. Removable cover works for heat emission, resolves overheating. High quality memory sponge, soft and comfortable, filled in the edges of headphones and VR mask inside, reduce the pressure on the ears and face effectively, suitable for a long time use<br />Product description<br />Why you need a VR?<br />Tired with disturbed 2D movies or annoyed flat games?<br />WASTE Hundreds to pay for cheaper and cheaper, more and more universal VR Tech?<br />An entry level VR Mask can just make you crazy within it?<br />Isn’t a matter that waste time and money to purchase a 3D VR Viewer and a remote controller separately?<br />Are you a near-sighted below 600 ° and would like to use VR Headset without your glasses?<br />Your smart phone smaller than others’ and can’t find the VR set for it?<br />This amazing VR Headset is just your choice.<br />What makes this VR special?<br />*Now, set our virtual reality equipments as an entry level one, 3D VR viewer is really a private cinema for you to watching IMAX 3D movies at home. There are a wide variety of VR games and other 3D experiences at the same time.<br />*Less than $150.00 on sale, our VR goggles offers you awe-inspiring, fantastical games, immersive stories and endless possibilities. Get all what you can from the ones cost hundreds.<br />*Perfect combination of Audio &amp; Visual, with the 3d headset, you can start a Cool and funny VR tour and get a 3D immersive experience.<br />*The VR device fits almost all people, suitable for 0-600 degrees myopia and 0-400 degree hyperopia.<br />*This VR helmet fits most iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, which screen size within 3.5&#34; to 6.0&#34;, range in 4.7&#34;-5.5&#34; maybe better. And the phone body size is not bigger than the range: width 86mm /33.86&#34;, length 163mm /64.17&#34;, it may not fit the ones much thicker.<br />BELOW ARE APPLICATIONS TO HELP YOU GET STARTED AND FEEL THE FUN IN THE WORLD OF VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET1 EXPLORE YOUR WORLD!!!<br />First of all Download Google cardboard App with this link:<br />install and open it. Follow the steps shown on the app. Click on switch Users,<br />Sellect Other and Scan the QR cord on this product Picture on and Pair the cardboard app with your phone successfully. The exit the app !<br />Scondly: Download these VR PLAYER AND iPLAY PLAYER apps and use anyone of your choice.<br />These apps are mainly for watching 3D Vr Videos on Your phone memory and memory Card. Open the app select where those wonderful movies of yours are and you are good to go ! Play it and put your phone into VR Headset and boom, you are in the universe !!!!<br />Thirdly: Download iPHOTOVR Player. This is app is use to view Those Amazing Pictures of yours. Install, open it, locate where those amazing pictures of your are and booom you will smile forever !!!<br />Fourthly: Download iPlayIT Is used for playing those amazing millions of Youtube movies on the internet Just Install, Browse your choice of movie, Click it and Play it. Feel The magic and say a big woooooow !!!<br />Fifthly: Do you wanna browse the internet in the biggest screen size you can ever imagine is available in the world ? If yes! Download NOMone Vr Browser Install It, Upon selection of device, click others. Booom, the browser opens up. Put the web address you want to visit and click on the go arrow at the top right hand side of the task bar. To enjoy it more, Get yourself and USB/ wireless Mouse. Use it to navigate the website. You can connect the usb mouse to your phone with OTG cable in the VR box. You can Buy for yourself and wireless Keyboard and mouse and feel the world of internet in a new way. No dull moment with this device !!! Watch Your movies online.<br />GAMES!!! GAMES!!! GAMES!!! GAMES!!!<br />YES!! It is GAME TIME !!!<br />Follow this link and download your own choice of Virtual Reality Games. Buy a Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad of your choice that is compatible to all 21st Centaury Smartphones. Pair it and Booom Enjoy your world. Feel good always, anytime, anywhere. Save huge amount you pay to cinemas!!!!<br />Package Contents:<br />1 x VR Glasses Headset<br />1 x Chinese / English User Manual<br />1 x OTG Cable

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