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  • Archive: Organic Dandelion Root Tea [30 Teabags]

Archive: Organic Dandelion Root Tea [30 Teabags]

Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
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Archive: Dandelion root tea is made from the roots of the dandelion plant known by the botanical name taraxacum officinale. The plant is native to europe and the western portion of the asian continent. Today, these plants can be found all over the globe. Often considered pesky weeds because of their hardy nature and their potent seeds, this vibrant yellow plant actually brews into a healthy tea.<br />Dandelion root tea is a common coffee substitute as it looks similar to coffee and features many of the same flavors.<br />Dandelion root tea health benefits<br />1. Boosts immune system.<br />2. Improves liver function.<br />3. Streamlines digestion<br />4. Aids weight loss<br />5. Has anti-cancer effects<br />directions:<br />boil a cup of water<br />add teabag and allow to steep for 3 - 5 minutes<br />remove teabag from the water<br />enjoy!<br />This product is sourced in the usa, repacked and properly at the naveen store in uyo, akwa ibom state. We are a family business and completely understand the need to provide the safest possible health products.

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