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  • Archive: Forever Pomesteen Power

Archive: Forever Pomesteen Power

Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Detox Cleanses
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Archive: Forever pomesteen power is a powerful nutritional drink containing lot&#39;s of anti-oxidants, derived from pomegranate, mangosteen, raspberry, pear, blakberry, blueberry and grape seed. Pomegranate juice has more powerful anti-oxidants agents than tea, red wine, cranberry juice and orange juice. Mangosteen known as queen of fruits is rich in xanthones,a family of anti-oxidants naturally found in fruits all these ingredients are what makes of forever pomesteen power the top of the list in oxygen radical absorbent capacity ( orac) value.<br />Mangosteen is a popular fruit in asia. Its exquisite taste prompted queen victoria to declare it her favorite fruit, henceforth it has been referred to as the “queen of fruits!” its orac value is very high, and it is rich in beneficial xanthones. Xanthones are a family of naturally occurring nutritional compounds in fruits that are super-powerful antioxidant

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