Archive: Wood Vinegar Feminine Wash {Yeekong}

Posted Apr 21      Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

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  • Archive: Wood Vinegar Feminine Wash {Yeekong}
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Archive: Product function:<br />This product adopts wood vinegar as natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, combines with other Chinese Herbs in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It can deeply clean women&#39;s private part, balance and maintain the acidic environment in vagina, improve self-purification, eliminate the growth environment of bacteria, prevent bacteria invasion and rapidly sterilize, relieve itching and remove body odor. At the same time, the exclusive wood vinegar and Chinese herbs formula can effectively relieve swelling and itching, prevent vaginitis, cervical erosion, uterine prolapsed, pelvic inflammation, annexitis and other gynecological disease.<br />Product Active Ingredients and Efficacy:<br />Wood vinegar: Essence of natural fresh woods, it has the function of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorization.<br />Chinese herbs: Radix sophorae flavescentis, Golden cypress, Fructus cnidii, Folium artemisiae argyi, Fructus kochiae --- Traditional Chinese herb formula helps relieve the swelling and itching of privates, alleviate eczema and trichomonas vaginitis.<br />Skin care factor: Lactic acid and olive leaf extract --- Keep the acidic environment in vagina at pH 3.8-4.5, improve self-purification function, maintain feminine health.<br />5 Advantages<br />1. Super mild - gentle sensitive-skin formula<br />2. Moistening &amp; Smoothening - nourishing your intimate area<br />3. Original - enriched with wood vinegar, an exclusive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient<br />4. Complex formulation - formulated with Chinese herb, better protection, stronger effect of antibacterial and cleanliness<br />5. Natural &amp; Safe - natural ingredients that have been strictly tested safe<br />Usage:<br />Open the lid, press and spray the lotion on palms, apply it on private parts and rub gently for a while, then wash off by clean water. You can also spray it directly to private parts and wipe up or wash off later then.<br />Specification:<br />60ml/bottle
₦ 8,000

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