Five-line Active Brush Household Scraping Massage Therapy Beauty

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Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Meridian massage brush parameters:
Product Name: Gravity Trader
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Operating voltage: 12V
Power: 20W
Weight: 0.65KG
Magnetic wave principle:
The magnetic waves affect the human current fraction, the magnetic moment orientation of the macromolecules of the permeability of the nuclear motion membrane system, and the like.
Function : Infrared, anion Brand Five-line suction massage brush Time to market 2018 Application scene Commercial Article no. gk101 Function Meridian dredge Scrapping massage
Product Efficacy:
1.Shu Jinghuo, adjust function, eliminate inflammation, swell, relax nerves, proliferate collagen, and reduce blood pressure.
2.The chest effect is obvious. After vacuum absorption combined with RF principle, it promotes blood circulation, massages the breast, and stimulates the position around the breast,Lymphatic detoxification
3.Dredging meridians and collaterals to promote blood circulation
Usage: Apply essential oil and other products, adjust the instrument's heat energy and suction according to the user's needs, and use the gravitational operator.
The use of the crowd: long-term lack of exercise, sub-health patients, poor meridian, long-term mental tension, physical dysfunction.
Neck: Brushing from top to bottom, often hanging neck, with a health effect.
Back: Scrap dredge from bottom to top.
Lower limbs: clear up from the bottom up.
Sole: Massage from heel to toe.
Thighs: The abdomen is drooped from the lower to the upper abdomen and can also be manipulated using a circular motion.
Upper limb: dredge up and down.
Legs: Scraping upwards from the lower leg to create a leg shape, eliminating dry legs and eliminating fat from the legs.
Negative pressure meridian brush: large suction, aspiration of skin and adipose tissue up to aerobic exercise, negative pressure adjustable five files, the greater the number of files, the greater the suction, easy cupping.
easy to use:
Thermal massage - relaxation through the thermal effect, pressure release, five levels of heat intensity, casual adjustment.
The default working time of the instrument is: 30 minutes,It will stop working automatically in 30 minutes.
It can be used after stopping for 20 minutes, which can effectively extend the life of the instrument
1. When the appliance is plugged in, the user does not leave the appliance.
2. Can't use the electric appliance when there is something covered on the electric appliance or the electric appliance is stuffed on it;
3. When children, patients, and disabled people use electrical appliances, they should be closely watched. When using electrical appliances, long-term or wired carriers should pay close attention to prevent them from being twisted by electrical appliances.
4. Can only be used in accordance with the purpose specified in the manual. If any physical discomfort occurs during massage, please suspend it immediately;
5. If the power cord or plug is damaged, the appliance is not working properly, or the appliance is damaged and cannot be used;
6. Do not pull on the end of the power cord to carry the appliance.
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  • Five-line Active Brush Household Scraping Massage Therapy Beauty
  • Five-line Active Brush Household Scraping Massage Therapy Beauty
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