Archive: Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Anti-insect Pest Repellent

Posted Dec 8      Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Archive: This electronic insecticide is a new high-tech electronic products, it uses high-frequency ultrasonic sweep circuit, resulting in 20 ~ 55KHZ ultrasonic sweep, scientific research has found mosquitoes, cockroaches Lang, rodents, mites, etc. pests within this frequency sound waves, their physiological functions and endocrine system disorder that is generated, and thus play a displacement and killing effect of ultrasound on humans and other animals are harmless, because more than 20KHZ sound waves are not hear. Because they are safe, non-toxic, tasteless, and efficient so get a wide range of applications. The products are widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, computer room, Garden, grain, etc. Are pests/Mosquitoes living and growing in your home, between the walls, in the kitchen, in the attic? Running around near your children, pets and food? Are you tired of spending Thousand of Naira trying to get rid of them?<br />Save money: No chemical products, No maintenance, and unlimited duration<br />Easy to use:<br />All you have to do is plug Pest-Reject into an outlet in your home and you`ll repels parasites within an action radius of 200 m².<br />How it works:<br />Pest Reject uses two advanced technologies:<br />Electromagnetism sends electromagnetic pulses through the wiring in the walls of your home to create a hostile environment that makes pests pack up and go.<br />The ultrasound waves emitted intermittently by the device make life unbearable for pests so they flee the area of action of the ultrasound waves. Pest Reject does not kills pests, but makes their life unbearable so they go away.<br />Double Technology:<br />Electromagnetism against Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats and Other Rodents.<br />Ultrasound against Mosquitoes and Flies.<br />Safe:<br />Pest Reject is completely inoffensive for children and pests, and does not interfere with household appliances.<br />Environmentally friendly:<br />Pest-Reject is a product for home use that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no hazardous chemicals that are toxic or poisonous or that give of noxious odours.<br />When earthquake happens, animals become anxious that it can’t stay in the house. That is because animals can hear the sonic coming from underground, which makes them feel uncomfortable. This product is using ultrasonic to make pest anxious and let them leave the house.<br />Features:<br />• Repel pests (mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies, rats, spiders, beetles etc), creates uncomfortable environment and drive pests away (does not kill them)<br />• Replacement needed after 1year<br />• 80-120sqm of protection<br />• EU Plug - Can be used directly in Malaysia<br />• LED display<br />• Safe: Completely safe for children, pets and does not interfere with household appliances<br />• Environmentally Friendly: Works 24hours a day, 365 days a year with no hazardous chemical that are toxic or poisonous or that give off noxious odours<br />• Innovative Double Technology: Ultrasound + Electromagnetic<br />• Save Money: No chemical products, No maintenance, Unlimited duration<br />• Power Consumption: 5-6W<br />• Frequency Ranges: 20-55KHz<br />Note:<br />1. Pest Reject should be installed at 80-120 cm vertically away from the floor and plug to the power socket.<br />2. The installing point should be avoided from carpet, curtain etc materials that attach sound<br />3. To increase the effect, several sets of Pest Reject should be used at different rooms in the house

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