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  • Archive: New LED Redhead White Light

Archive: New LED Redhead White Light

Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Brand New
Video Lighting
Archive: With a redhead light you can light up virtually any set. It will boost your camera efficiency, help you set moods and scenes.<br />This is a the new redhead led light with white light instead of a tungsten orange color-light the other red head has.<br />It comes 3 in 1, bulbs plus original stands.<br />Call, text or add me us watsapp for more info, pick up or instant delivery anywhere in<br />Nigeria.<br />Number of light/ What is inside the box: 3 light heads with dimmer, 3 bulbs, 3 stands<br />Wattage: 50 watt<br />Voltage: 175 to 265 volt<br />Dimmer : Yes<br />Color of light : White light.<br />Now you can have 3 white lights Like a kinoflo white light in the dynamic of a 3 in 1 redhead.<br />Our Redhead light comes three in one, with a dimmer and an original stand.<br />Holly wood cinematography ( motion and still picture) over the years have secretly exploited the potential of lightning and the ultimate effect it brings to screens and prints.<br />The camera men, graffers and best boys of holly wood and the western world have long enjoyed the the large creative and financial benefit involved in the prospect of cinematography/ filming which anybody can simply be part of.<br />And this great benefit has recently being revealed to Nigerians as we can see in Music videos, and promising Nigerian/ Nolly wood movies with good promising picture.<br />Team, Hobbist, individuals that venture into these aspects of arts for a love and income base purposes knows the turnout and result which can be traced to good lightning.<br />Weather particularly you are a creative individual/ team film maker (s), camera man, still photographer, renting agent, or you grant great professional lightning service part time/ full time to institutions like churches (live video coverage of church services) or even schools: KINOFLO, REDHEADS and OTHER KITS help achieve the ultimate picture effect in these dynamics.<br />Because of our flair for media you will only get the original of these lights and not their sub-standard prototype now in the market. Because of our strength in importation you can get these lights in wholesale prices, weather you are buying in numbers or individually.<br />START/ STEP UP your art today.<br />Have a creative day ahead.
  • Archive: New LED Redhead White Light
  • Archive: New LED Redhead White Light
  • Archive: New LED Redhead White Light

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