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  • Archive: Super Gro Organic Fertilizer

Archive: Super Gro Organic Fertilizer

Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
Archive: Super Gro is an organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and seabird guano. Being<br />made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it makes it the best option for agricultural purposes.<br />The beauty of Super Gro is that it is devoid of chemicals or synthetic substances, thus, it is safer for human health because it has no chemical residue that could remain in the agricultural produce.It can be used on Farmlands and on livestock.<br />Features:<br />NEOLIFE’s Super Gro is specially formulated to help gardeners and growers get the greatest value out of every drop of water used. It does this by reducing the water’s surface tension, making “water wetter”, boosting its ability to deliver life-sustaining moisture deeper into the plant root systems. This serves to ensure water supply as well as reduce water losses due to evaporation and run-off and water-logging. This feature supports better growth and improved maturity and harvest duration.

Ibrahim Precious

Last seen 3 weeks ago
Osun State, Ife, Region Campus Gate Bus Stop, Ede Road, Ife, Nigeria

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