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  • Archive: Centella Lujica

Archive: Centella Lujica

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Immune System Boosters
Age Group
Archive: Centella Lujica Supplement is made with 100% Gotu Kola leaves, No addictive. It aids healing and maintain healthy lifestyle.<br />Functions of Gotu Kola<br />Relieves rheumatism<br />Provides extra vitality<br />Increases brain power<br />Improves skin conditions<br />Increases concentration<br />Maintains healthy blood circulation<br />Reduces senility<br />Helps in treating arthritis<br />Increases Libido<br />Slows down the ageing process<br />Prevents tearing during child birth<br />Reduces high blood pressure<br />Effective against partial stoke<br />Accelerates skin healing and relieves inflammation.<br />Stimulates hair and nail growth.<br />Combats stress and depression<br />Effective in treating surgical wounds and skin grafts,<br />Effective in treating chronic ulcers<br />Prevents hypoglycemia<br />Acts as a sedative at high doses.<br />Helps in treating tumors and cancerous growths.<br />Increases hemoglobin and decreases urea and acid phosphates levels in the blood.<br />Its Available for #2800... Nationwide delivery available.
  • Archive: Centella Lujica
  • Archive: Centella Lujica
  • Archive: Centella Lujica

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    Oyo State, Ibadan, Region

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