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  • Archive: 24hrs Solar Solution

Archive: 24hrs Solar Solution

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Solar Energy Systems
Brand New
Archive: 2.5kva- bed side fridge, lights, fans, tvs, and others for 24hrs use.European Batteries &amp; other premium products. Contact for various 24hrs setups<br />Most nigerians fall victim of inferior solar solutions at huge cost, lots already lost confidence. Many put profit ahead service, causing solar systems failure. Products lifes are shortened due to incompetence, majority don&#39;t know the technicality &amp; right combinations, u can use top products &amp; yet shorten the life span. Some replace batteries yearly (its wrong), because you were given 1 year warranty, it should serve more years, but was mismanaged. Isn&#39;t it better to use generator than to invest a fortune &amp; eventually be unsatisfied with the efficiency? Do you lack phcn supply, or you want to disconnect phcn/generator, search no further! We profer permanent solutions, using premium products - german, american &amp; European, with 10years Warranty &amp; 25 years lifespan.
  • Archive: 24hrs Solar Solution

    Tise power consult.

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