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Oyo, Ibadan, 1 hour ago

Technician Surveyor

Company Name
Taiwo Salam & Co.
Job Type
Work Setup
To convey client or potential buyer/tenant with bike to a property for inspection, To carry out a survey job on site and plotting, To always ready for site work and office work when necessary, To work in team with other staff member.
Requirements & Skills
(1) must have learnt land surveyor as apprentice on ND holder in Land Surveying (2) must have related knowledge or idea to real estate business (3) must be able to operate computer and AutoCAD Expert. (4) must be able to know how to ride bike very well. (5) must fluent in communication skills. (6) must be honest. (7) must be able to coup with real estate work ethic. (8) must be flexible to work to any lent. (9) ability to work in harmony with co-workers. (10) eager and willing to add to their knowledge base and skills.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Level: o'level minimum - diploma/ND maximum other qualification might not be consider for the employment. (1) Take all reasonable precautions to confuse client or potential buyer to buy or rent a property. (2) Ensure that client interest is deliverable with good trust more than expectation. (3) Provide information base on client instruction to other co workers supervision. (4) Report any property injury or inspection to other co workers or supervision. (5) To convey client or potential buyer/tenant with bike to a property. (6) To perform surveying site job anytime that is require. (7) To support any other task that can inculcate progress to the firm without expecting additional. (8) To do Inspection with bike anywhere in ibadan.
Minimum Experience
less than 1 year
Store address
Oyo State • Ibadan
U3 & 4 Joke Plaza Bodija ibadan
beside trans amusement or opp access bank bodija market
Closed now
• Mon - Sat, 08:00-18:00
Oyo State • Ibadan
u3 Joke plaza Bodija Ibadan
beside trans amusement pack bodija
Closed now
• Mon - Fri, 09:00-18:00
Age: 19 minimum - 28 years maximum Mon - Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm Commission on Site Job Location: Bodija ibadan NOTE: must reside very close to bodija, (accomodation is available on a terms) ability to speak English Language, Operate computer and know how to ride bike very well with minimum of O'level All applicant should send CV through whatzapp
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