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Zytonic-M Biological Booster (Mycorrhiza)

Zytonic-M Biological Booster (Mycorrhiza)

Abuja, Gwarinpa
Zytonic-M Biology Booster is a water soluble, soil activating technology that improves soil porosity and water holding capacity, thereby promoting the proliferation of natural biodiversity in the soil. This results in a robust soil ecology that boosts nutrient uptake and crop growth, resulting in benefits of improved crop output & reduced chemical input. It is compatible with all chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other foliar products. Application with Water: Dissolve Zytonic-M in water in 1:200 ratio Composting with Zytonic-M: Dissolve Zytonic-M in water (1:200) and spray on organic manure /compost Nursery Application: 5 Kg Zytonic-M for 625 sq. m. Foliar Application: 5 Kg / Ha every 30 days till flowering (can be mixed with pesticide or other foliar products)
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