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  • Archive: QASA AC/DC Mobile Inverter Solar Power Generator QPG-500. Hybrid

Archive: QASA AC/DC Mobile Inverter Solar Power Generator QPG-500. Hybrid

Gwagwalada, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria
Archive: We bring to you a simple home/Office Solar Inverter Power Generator that you do not need to pay monthly for. Nobody will disconnect you for life so long as there is Sun out there to replace back power into the unit<br />This unique solar Home/Office system is ideal for light users who are just tired of all the noise of generators and fuelling bills to power their generators. It is designed to meet the hug power depend that are having a hard time coping with the ills of having basic electricity to meet their everyday power needs. This device will not disappoint you in anyway. It is inbuilt with a 70aH Gel battery and can be used to power direct DC enabled appliances such as DC Led bulbs, DC Fans, Phone, tablets etc. It can be used to charge your phones and tablets directly using either the USB cables that came with the device or your desired USB cable. Also included is a 3w led bulbs 3 units with power switch to turn on and off the bulbs a separate places of use in your house, shops or offices.<br />You can also use this machine to do direct powering of your AC appliances such as TV (preferably LED TVs), Fan, Low energy saving AC bulbs, General Home electronics.<br />Do note that this equipment is not to power your Freezers, Iron, Heaters, Hair dryers, Water pumps, Drilling machines and all other heavy power consuming appliances. The use of any of these can damage the device completely. So, when installing, ensure to install and eliminate all of these appliances.<br />Do not use in wet, open air-rainy environment and also air tight environment. Batteries should be regularly charged with Solar ensure longevity.<br />Again do not use the appliances for equipment heavier than the actual capacity of the device. The system is design for basic electrical powering needs and is not meant for heavy use.<br />For best use, Always switch off power to your appliances for the system to charge maximally for better efficiency.<br />This Equipment Is Ideal For:-<br />Baber’s Shop<br />Homes<br />Offices<br />Shops<br />Powering CCTV, Intercom<br />Powering Internet Equipment<br />Remote Areas needing power

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