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Benefits of posting on Jiji

Since Jiji is the place where buyers and sellers meet, you will need a good promotion for your ads.

Below you can find 6 main benefits of posting your ads on Jiji:

1. Jiji is the biggest marketplace in Nigeria

Jiji is classified with the largest number of visitors and ads posted.

2. Jiji has more clients than others

We get our visitors only from relevant sources like Google and Facebook.

3. Relevant promotion algorithms

We promote your ads only to those users who could be interested in your products. That gives you the biggest number of real clients.

4. Personal Support

We have a dedicated support team who understand your needs very well and ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Fair price for the services you get

We charge you in naira, so you won't pay any extra commissions.

6. Jiji is secure

We use secure gateways of European banks, so all transactions are 100% secure.

If you wish to purchase a Premium Service bundle, please visit this link: https://jiji.ng/sc/premium-services