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  • Archive: Norland Calcium Iron & Zinc For Strong Bones And Arthritis

Archive: Norland Calcium Iron & Zinc For Strong Bones And Arthritis

Enugu / Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
Arthritis Supplements
Age Group
Archive: Norland calcium iron &amp; zinc capsules ( arthritis treatment)<br />this product contains calcium carbonate, ferrous gluconate, zinc gluconate, bile calcification sterol, beeswax, soy lecithin, hydrogenated palm oil, soy oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water as the main raw materials which supplements the body’s calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin d.<br />* it is used for treating and prevention of zinc deficiency and it&#39;s consequences including stunted growth and acute diarrhea in children<br />* it is rich in vitamin d which helps body absorption calcium.<br />*having right amount of vitamins d, calcium and phosphorus is important<br />*it prevent osteoporosis, rheumatoid joint pain, asthma, epilepsy, osteomalacia , diabetes.<br />*it is used for the treatment of allergies like hay fever and asthma<br />* it is a good remedy for relieving symptoms of insomnia and depression.<br />* it is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids.<br />* it can help in dissolves fat and helps in regulates kidney etc<br />the price above is for 1 bottle

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