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  • Archive: Norland's Propolis Lecithin Capsule -A Natural Powerful Antioxidant

Archive: Norland's Propolis Lecithin Capsule -A Natural Powerful Antioxidant

Egor, Edo State, Nigeria
Immune System Boosters
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Archive: Propolis lecithin capsule - is a powerful natural antibiotics / anti - infective / anti - oxidants &amp; anti viral capsules with the following health benefits -<br />- suppresses tumor and improve immunity<br />- promotes cell and tissue regeneration<br />- propolis kills bacteria and<br />- helps treat bone disease<br />- boosts prostrate cancer cell death<br />- kills colon cancer cells<br />- propolis may help treat food poisoning<br />- reduces stress and enhance athletic performance<br />- regulates blood pressure &amp; blood glucose and blood lipids ( cholesterol) preventing complications<br />- it strengthens the effects of drugs<br />- anti - fatique<br />- anti - radiation<br />- free radical scavengers<br />- regenerates and renews cells<br />- enhances the functions of the brain cells<br />- activates fat metabolism in the liver , removes excess fat and enhance breaking down of larger particles in the liver<br />- removes gallstone.<br />Dosage :<br />1 capsule twice daily<br />net content :<br />120 capsules / bottle.<br />Distribution is nationwide

Judith Chidinma

Last seen 8 hrs ago
Edo State, Egor, Region Ugbowo, Benin City.

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