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  • Archive: GNLD Super Gro

Archive: GNLD Super Gro

Durumi, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria
Archive: It makes water &#34;wetter&#34;.<br />easy to use.<br />safe to use indoors &amp; outdoors.<br />non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.<br />it improves the absorption of nutrients.<br />advantages of using super gro<br />increases soil penetration &amp; retention. helps to retain the water under the soil much longer which ensures that the soil continues to be wet even in dry warm weather, also makes the crops/plants maintain their evergreen outlook &amp; growth during dry season (drought).<br />leaves no harmful residue on the products of the crops and plants.<br />super gro being natural does not have chemicals that could leave any harmful residue on the soil, unlike other types of fertilizers.<br />it does not adversely alter soil ph.<br />reduces watering time, by reducing run-off and evaporation.<br />it increases plant and crop yields - increased maximum production is assured.<br />it is highly concentrated and, therefore, very economical - a little quantity goes a very long way.<br />it is user-friendly, environment-friendly and nature-friendly.

Harrison Silas

Last seen 1 week ago

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