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It is not in vain that people consider dogs as the most reliable friends of men. There can be no denial that a dog never betrays his owner and gives back the whole love you put in it. All dogs feature some incredibly important features which are not typical of numerous people. These are intelligence and loyalty. Shelter a dog or a puppy and become the center of his admiration. Discover the endless love it has toward you. A mere look in its eyes is enough to realize how dare you have become to it! So, if you are determined to get a dog or puppy, welcome to Jiji! The latter is one of the best destinations to buy the prettiest dogs in Nigeria. Look for little puppies or already big dogs at the most affordable costs possible. Such breeds of dogs are German Shepherd, Boerboel, Caucasian, Rottweiler, Ihaso Apso, Mastiff and others are offered at And if your beloved dog had puppies yet you can't afford to keep them all, you can profitably sell them right here, in!

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Bore Puppy 5

Bore Puppy

₦ 60,000
Caucasian Puppies For Sale 3

Caucasian Puppies For Sale

₦ 60,000 Negotiable
Rottweiler Puppies 4

Rottweiler Puppies

₦ 45,000 Negotiable
Dogs for Sale 3

Dogs for Sale

₦ 80,000
Rottweiler Puppies 3

Rottweiler Puppies

₦ 45,000 Negotiable
German Shepherd 2

German Shepherd

₦ 75,000 Negotiable
Caucasian Puppies For Sale 2

Caucasian Puppies For Sale

₦ 50,000 Negotiable
GSD Adult Male Updated Facinated Dog 4

GSD Adult Male Updated Facinated Dog

₦ 80,000 Negotiable
Ezekiel Hunter 2

Ezekiel Hunter

₦ 70,000
German Shepherd Dog 2

German Shepherd Dog

₦ 110,000
Local Breeds 1

Local Breeds

₦ 30,000
Boerboel Puppies 4

Boerboel Puppies

₦ 70,000
Chubby Chow Chow Pups 1

Chubby Chow Chow Pups

₦ 150,000
Boerboel Puppies 3

Boerboel Puppies

₦ 80,000 Negotiable
Adul Gsd For Sale 3

Adul Gsd For Sale

₦ 85,000
Adult Male GSD 5

Adult Male GSD

₦ 200,000
Dobermann Pupppies For Sale 1

Dobermann Pupppies For Sale

₦ 150,000 Negotiable
Adult Female Boerboel Dog 4

Adult Female Boerboel Dog

₦ 200,000 Negotiable
Well Train Dog 1

Well Train Dog

₦ 60,000
Boerboel For Sale 3

Boerboel For Sale

₦ 100,000
Boerboel Puppy 1

Boerboel Puppy

₦ 70,000