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HP offers another grandiose series of wonderful all-purpose laptops. These are HP ProBook laptops. They are great for any use including as business or campus, so home. The series includes sixteen notebooks. Whether you choose the HP ProBook 11 EE G2, 440 G4, or any other model you are going to get quite a decent machinery at an affordable cost. They are all made for productivity and, hence deliver great performance. Whether your business is a small or large one, whether you need a couple or a dozen of laptops for your corporation, or you are in a search of a reliable home use laptop, you will find a suitable model within the HP ProBook series. These devices are ideal combinations of significant security, useful innovations, as well as multimedia capacities. What concerns the designs of these laptops, they are touch and firm, yet light and thin. Therefore, these devices become perfect models to carry with you wherever you go and work on your way.

  • HP ProBook features

Various models in the HP ProBook range feature various processors. The ProBook 430, for instance, comes equipped with Intel Core i7, i5, i3 or Pentium processor. Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems are available.

The HP ProBook 655 G2 model, meanwhile, is available with AMD PRO A-Series APUs processors. This is a highly pocket-friendly and configurable laptop. Operating systems here vary, too. Yet, as a rule, they come with the latest - Windows 10 system installed.

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