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Senator Fashion Wears

People, who are not familiar with Nigerian culture much, sometimes are surprised, when they hear about the increasing popularity of Senator wears.

The first reaction is logical: what is this Senator clothing? An average person would imagine something like a gown or a cloak. This traditional attire has got its name from a person, thanks to whom these traditional clothes have become popular. Anyim Pius Anyim was the President of Senate in Nigeria in 2000-2003. There was enough time to evoke the interest to traditional Nigerian clothes and raise the popularity of the style, which later has become widely known as Senator wears.


The outfit is distinctive by its minimalistic look and folk patterns. Unlike most of the traditional attire samples, Senator clothing is made of ordinary suit fabrics. Thus, it often replaces business costumes. Senator wears consist of trousers and a shirt. Some choose a matching hat to complete the look. The trousers are simple - plain and monochromic. The top is knee-length or almost that long. It is decorated with ornaments, but not heavily. As a rule, there are some embroidered elements around a collar or on the chest. Sometimes buttons are also used for decorating purposes, but they are not an obligatory element. The best thing about Senator wears is that this clothes style is appropriate for any occasion and any setting: it is used as an alternative for business dress code and dressy outfits. Sooner or later, people come back to their roots and realize, how important it is to use the elements of national culture in everyday life. Senator wears are the best example of doing it in a smart and beautiful way.

Senator native clothing in Nigeria

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