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Central Business District, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria
Archive: Gnld super gro<br />super gro is an hundred percent organic fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and seabird guano. being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it is hundred percent safe to use on any vegetables and of course the rest of your garden ,crops, livestock and fish that require fertilization. super gro was started about fifteen years ago on the west coast of south africa. it main ingredients being seabird guano gets collected from eight different sites<br />test done on supergro reflect the following composition of macro and mico elements.<br />1.nitrogen (n) 72g per litre ( macro)<br />2.phosphorus (p) 45g per litre (macro)<br />3.potassium (k) 30g per litre (macro)<br />4.sulphur (s) 15g per litre (macro)<br />5.calcium (ca) 9g per litre (macro)<br />6.magnesium (mg)7g per litre (macro)<br />7.iron (fe) 5ml per litre ( micro)<br />8.iodine (iod) 3ml per litre (micro)<br />9.marine salt (ms) 1mg per litre (micro)<br />10.zinc (zn) 1m per litre (micro)<br />for more info on super gro contacts me

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