Look in gallery Toyota Camry in Nigeria

Toyota Camry 2009 Black 10
Toyota Camry 2007 Gray 10

Toyota Camry 2007 Gray

Toyota Camry 2004 Red 5

Toyota Camry 2004 Red

Toyota Camry 2012 Red 3

Toyota Camry 2012 Red

₦5,000,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2005 Black 9
Toyota Camry 2010 Gray 6

Toyota Camry 2010 Gray

Toyota Camry 2007 Gray 7

Toyota Camry 2007 Gray

Toyota Camry 2010 Black 6
Toyota Camry 2009 Gray 11

Toyota Camry 2009 Gray

Toyota Camry 2012 Gold 10

Toyota Camry 2012 Gold

Toyota Camry 2007 Black 8
Toyota Camry 2008 Gold 8

Toyota Camry 2008 Gold

₦2,900,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2012 Red 7

Toyota Camry 2012 Red

₦4,300,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2009 Gold 6

Toyota Camry 2009 Gold

₦2,800,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2009 Black 11

Toyota Camry 2009 Black

₦2,550,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2009 Gray 6

Toyota Camry 2009 Gray

₦2,550,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2015 Black 12
Toyota Camry 2012 Gold 9

Toyota Camry 2012 Gold

₦5,000,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2015 Black 8

Toyota Camry 2015 Black

Toyota Camry 2013 Black 17
Toyota Camry 2007 Gray 10

Toyota Camry 2007 Gray

₦3,200,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2013 Gray 10

Toyota Camry 2013 Gray

Used Toyota Camry 2009 Silver For Sale 5

Used Toyota Camry 2009 Silver For Sale

₦1,800,000 Negotiable
Toyota Camry 2010 Red 7

Toyota Camry 2010 Red

Toyota Camry 2005 Silver 10
Toyota Camry 2015 Black 11
Toyota Camry is a prestigious sedan of Japanese brand.

There are seven generations of the car:
·         Toyota Camry 1 (1982—1986)
·         Toyota Camry 2 (1987—1992)
·         Toyota Camry 3 (1992—1996)
·         Toyota Camry 4 (1996—2001)
·         Toyota Camry 5 (2001—2006)
·         Toyota Camry 6 (2006—our time)
·         Toyota Camry 7 (2011—our time)
On Jiji you can find Toyota Camry cars of any years: Toyota Camry 2008, Toyota Camry 2007, Toyota Camry 2004 , Camry 2005 and so on. 
Toyota Camry is offered with three engines with a capacity of 2 l, 2.5 l and 3.5 l. Two transmissions can be installed in the saloon with them: a six-speed automatic gearbox and stepless variator. Some versions of the vehicle available to customers with a drive to all four wheels. Recently the gasoline-electric hybrid version of the Toyota Camry was produced.

Three latest generations of the Camry refer to E-class that considered to be upper middle class, implying a sufficiently high demand for this type of model. These automobiles are the most capacious and spacious.

Majority do not even know what the word «Camry» means. Camry is English translation of the Japanese word «kan muri», which can be translated as «crown».

Outside and inside

What is good?What is bad?
· A lot of space on rear row· No xenon in the first five generations
· Electric drive of the back· Trunk without headlining
· The hood with pneumatic supports· Passenger seat without height adjustment
· the door with a bottle display· Large inclination of the rear window and the lack of protection from the sun
· Construction of the underground and a full spare wheel· Barefaced screws in the salon
· ample hold· Moldings and mud guards of wheels are for surcharge
· Seals protect only part of the threshold from dirt

At the wheel

What is good?What is bad?
· Stepwise mechanism of gear selection excludes mistakes· The knee airbag only in 3.5 version
· Park Distance Control of front and rear on all versions· Not the most successful form of rear view mirrors
· High-capacity box with adjustable lid between the front seats· Not protected from dirt "eye" camera
· Well-positioned USB sockets and 12 B· There is no digital speedometer
· Convenient handle for multi media· Pillow fabric seat without adjusting the slope

On the roads or without them

What is good?What is bad?
· Small (8-9 l / 100 km), average fuel consumption in 4-cylinder engines· Slow acceleration 2-liter car in the midrange
· Dynamics of 3.5 V6 version· Slow automatic transmission on 2.0 l and 2.5 l versions
· Comfort car suspension· Small maintenance intervals
· Heated windshield· Sharp demolition and a long way out of the skid without ESP
· The thickness of the door panels and a good soundproofing floor· The strong influence of rutting in the pavement on exchange rate stability

There are a large variety of Toyota Camry’s at Jiji. If you are convinced that the car must be a solid, but big crossover is not an option for you, you disagree to pay more for the ephemeral image of the premium class automobile, then Camry is the one car, which you will surely not pass.
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