Mercedes-Benz Gl in Nigeria

Mercedes Benz GL specs and facts

“GL” in Mercedes-Benz GL is not a simple letter combination. It is the abbreviation, which comes from German Geländewagen Lang, meaning a “lengthened SUV”, which describes the car quite precisely.

This model debuted ten years ago at the presentation in the USA – a logical move, taking into account that it was aimed for the American market. Vehicles of GL-Class are known for their big size and spacious interior. Each of them is equipped with three rows of seats, making it possible to accommodate seven people.

Shortly after that, the car went through restyling, getting a new bumper, LED headlights, grill, and being now available in two more colors. But the designers didn’t stop at this point and started to work on the Grand Edition. The changes affected both interior and exterior. Luxurious cars have gotten new two-colored leather seats, velour carpets, elements of dark wood etc. The bumper was equipped with the daytime running lights, larger radiator grill, tinted headlights, and 20''wheels.

Mercedes Benz GL features

Without exaggeration, Mercedes-Benz GL is noticeable by a revolutionary development – a petrol engine, powerful and environmentally friendly. The accent was made on compactness and the smallest weight possible to achieve. Thanks to the reduced traction coefficient, both fuel consumption and emission levels were reduced, too.

In its attempts to prove that there is nothing impossible, Mercedes managed to create a car for adventures and comfort. Speaking about kitting, there are several different packages for all needs and preferences. Choose yours and enjoy! Design itself is mind-blowing, for it allows to feel dazzling dynamics even when a car isn’t in the move. What is more, any other SUV can be jealous by the level of the comfort GL offers.

As evidenced by its owners, the car is true classics, and there is nothing more to add to the comment. You feel power and security every time you start driving – in the city, on the highway, or in tough conditions.

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