Honda Cr-V in Nigeria

Honda CR-V specs and facts

“CR-V” was first used in 1995 as a name for compact SUVs produced by Honda under a new trademark.

Honda CR-V appeared in Japan as the first crossover of Honda Company’s production. Honda Civic was used as a prototype. In a year after original version came out, developers demonstrated North-American version on presentation in Chicago, Illinois. Several years passed, and this car became the most popular crossover in the country. It was the reason why American models were equipped with more powerful engines and got more advanced specifications. During the first ten years, over 2.5 million vehicles were sold worldwide. Its production takes place in several countries, including Japan, the UK, China and Philippines.

The 3rd version has got a completely new body and even better engine than before. The consequences were obvious: it became even more popular in the USA and caused new cooperation. Several new production plants appeared here, allowing to sell almost a million of cars during a couple of years after CR-V came out.

CR-V actually stands for “comfortable recreational vehicle”, and it fully corresponds to its name. It is a car that will make your drive the best and the most pleasant adventure. No matter how far you are going or what you have to face during the ride. Honda Motor Company never aims just to create a vehicle. Here, developers do everything to create a perfect crossover – a car, distinctive by advanced safety levels, universality, excellent driving, smart and bright design, simplicity and practical comfort. Honda CR-V is a car that remains dynamic and powerful both within the city boundaries and on a rough road conditions.

Where to buy Honda CR-V?

This model managed to gain popularity and trust among millions of people all over the world. The perfect crossover is a popular choice in Nigeria, too. And you can easily get one with Jiji. Thanks to the most convenient shopping spot called Jiji, Nigeria got a chance to experience what real shopping means. From now on, it has a chance for perfect rides only. Don’t miss it!

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