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  • Canon 7D review in Nigeria

Launched in 2009, the Canon 7D is a perfect combination of performance and good pricing. This model offers more than enough to attract a photography enthusiast who is on his/her way to becoming a professional.

The camera gets a perfect initial impression due to its wonderful external components. The three-inch monitor screen provides around 170 viewing degrees in each direction. It makes utmost clear images on the display with no internal reflections or glare direct sunlight photography may cause. Its monitor is impressively bright and sharp, no denial. The new pentaprism viewfinder this model features, is a superb one, too - utmost bright, large and clear.

A mere glance at the Canon 7D's control layout is more than enough to guess this camera is not made for beginners. The numerous controls are not easy to get acquainted with. Even an experienced photographer has to spend a while time over the instruction for making it clear. And even though the camera features a full-auto shooting system, hardly any amateur will opt for this model. It is rather for those who are backed with some experience. However, the quality performance of the model is definitely worth it. The entire complexity of the camera is directly proportional to its versatility.

Canon 7D may seem to be uncomfortable because of its weight, yet its ergonomic design is simply magnificent! Beyond any words, it is very comfy for both holding and operating.

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