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Consumer electronics critics quite often assimilate the Canon 600D and its predecessor - Canon EOS 550D pointing out only a couple of minor differences such as the mode dial or the leather- look grip. Anyway, there are more than a couple of secondary differences worth mentioning about these two models. The Canon 600D has a significant design difference on its back expressed via a flip-out LCD screen. On the whole, the look of this device can't be described as notable as it lacks any kind of personality. Certainly, it looks friendly and compact with its curvy light body and about one-kilo weight, yet with today's market filled with retro-looking, modern, and stylish cameras, Canon 600D looks rather tired.

Canon 600D features

The display of this model is of the three-inch size and is of incredibly premium quality. It offers eighteen megapixels sensor, perfect contrast levels, and bold yet natural colors. This apparatus is very convenient in usage even if you have to take low- or high-angle shots. This is due to the horizontally pivoting hinge of the screen. It allows to easily tilt the panel the way you wish including as down or up so around. The device is also great for video work.

Working with this camera is a real fun and pleasure. Despite the fact, it is not an entry-level dSLR camera, it is available in a series of useful features to make working with it very easy. Besides featuring a full auto mode, the Canon 600D has certain functions that bring on-screen explanations. Therefore, whether you are a professional or a beginner, Canon 600D will become a wonderful working tool to make grandiose photos!

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