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  • Archive: Rain Soul Crushes Fibroid And Infection

Archive: Rain Soul Crushes Fibroid And Infection

Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
Health Plus
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Archive: Rain soul fibroid testimonial<br />i was 54 years old when i was introduced to rain products. i had been married for 25 years with no child, perimenopausal (not menstruating for months) and i had fibroids.<br />i was already contemplating surgery to remove the fibroids when my friend introduced me to rain products. having tried so many therapies which failed, i was reluctant initially, but then started taking the products solely for my health benefits. i did not anticipate the result i got a few months later.<br />i fell pregnant for the first time after 25 years of marriage.<br />i had my first child at the age of 55 in january 2020

Sylvia Agha

Last seen 1 week ago

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