Mature Rabbit Bunny in Abuja

Posted Jun 4
Bwari, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria
Name: rabbit or bunny
Type: new Zealand white rabbits, Californian white, Dutch Chinchilla, Broken rabbits in Abuja
Colour: white fur rabbit, black fur rabbits, brown fur rabbits, mixed coulour
Description: white soft, brown, black and white, mixed & pure white rabbits.
What rabbits prey on: carrots, green/leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and grass
Favorite habitat: vegetable gardens, houses with lots of fruits and veggies, open space with adequate Shade/ventilation
Likes: treats and punctuality
Dislikes: loud noise and heights
Health problems: nil
Life span: 5-10 years
Feeds: pellets, hay, bread, grass, fruits, leafy vegetables, sweet potato and yam peels, potato leafs, Fresh/cooked ground nut, corn
Health check: clean eyes, clean nose, clean fur, clean genitals, curious and active, walking on four legs, Not limping, not smelling in the poop area, smooth and clean fur, clean ears, no open wounds or sour feet, Clean and properly placed set of teeth, no bloated stomach and no watery poop.
  • Mature Rabbit Bunny in Abuja
  • Mature Rabbit Bunny in Abuja
  • Mature Rabbit Bunny in Abuja
  • Mature Rabbit Bunny in Abuja
  • ₦ 4,500
    Last seen 17 hrs ago
    Abuja (FCT) State, Bwari, Region Bwari, FCT, Nigeria
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